Mediation and Arbitration

Many cases that are destined for litigation can be resolved through alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, often more quickly and at considerably less cost than resort to traditional court proceedings.  The firm represents clients in mediation or arbitration of complex litigation claims, including antitrust, contract law and employment law matters.

Additionally, the firm's David Vaughan is a certified mediator who is available to serve as a neutral and in that capacity can call upon his 40 years of litigation experience in assisting parties to resolve their differences.

Mediation and arbitration are good mechanisms to resolve cases because they are less time-consuming and expensive than litigation. For parties who are willing to compromise in order to put their disputes behind them - ADR does not always result in an absolute "winner" and "loser" as is often the case in litigation - and who do not desire the formality of a jury or bench trial, ADR is an attractive solution.
Increasingly, commercial contracts are drafted to contain an arbitration or mediation clause requiring proceedings to occur before an arbitration organization, such as the American Arbitration Association.  We have experience working with such provisions and have successfully resolved a variety of commercial disputes arising under contracts containing arbitration or mediation clauses - many involving complex claims - such as securities fraud, partnership disputes, employment discrimination claims, restrictive covenant disputes, and others.

Our firm also drafts business contracts containing mediation and arbitration clauses.

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