Practice Area - Commercial and Business Litigation

Aside from our specialty areas in white collar criminal defense and antitrust, we're also experienced in assisting clients in commercial and business litigation.

If you were to engage us prior to formal litigation being filed, we would typically recommend that you try to find some way to resolve your dispute short of litigation. While we are happy to file or defend your case, we feel that the serious decision to start litigation is much like the decision to undergo surgery: only do it if you have to.

Our role as your lawyers is to get you the best result for the least money, and, as most businessmen know, the cost-benefit analysis that should be undertaken prior to the decision to litigate can yield a variety of options. Because of our experience and involvement in clients' selection of various options, we can provide added value by helping you understand not only the monetary value of a prospective resolution, but also the practical consequences of choosing a particular option.

And even if our pre-litigation efforts at compromise fail, we are constantly attuned to the ebb and flow of the litigation, and we always advise our clients when we feel it might be a strategically opportune time to take another shot at a resolution short of trial.

If you ultimately decide to litigate, our extensive experience in the federal courts throughout the country and in the Georgia state court system is an important factor to consider in your selection of counsel. In the commercial and business arena, we have been successful in providing effective legal representation to parties in cases involving such matters as corporate breakups, theft of trade secrets, ERISA, Federal False Claims Act, violations of employment agreements, securities fraud and copyright and trademark infringement.

We take great pride in our ability to advance our client's case through our brief-writing by seeking to dismiss a case at an early stage in the proceedings or, if unsuccessful, presenting a motion for summary judgment at the end of the case if the record supports that approach.

Though we are a small firm, we are accustomed to litigating against the larger firms in most of our cases. We feel that we perform the tasks of marshalling evidence and preparing briefs or trying cases as well as our larger rivals, and our success rate bears this out. In fact, we often have greater trial experience than out larger and better known adversaries. We believe that in preparing a case for a dispositive motion or trial, it's not the size of the firm that matters, it's the quality of the lawyer.

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